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Back at Uni
So, I am back.

In my own flat.

Which is great, except for the bed. It is a sofa bed, which would be great, except for the fact that it has two metal bars down the middle, which makes it extremely difficult to sleep. Otherwise, it is nice and good to be on my own. For some reason, I like living on my own. My dear parents expressed worry, that I would turn into a hermit. BUT I HAVEN'T! I have great friends, good neighbours, and because of this, my life in now complete!

Anyway, at Uni I have had to do an extra course, because I failed Divinity. But, the course I am doing is archeology, so I am not complaining. Really interesting, but I do lament the amount of time I have had to give up, so I have not managed to update anything since the holidays. Pity, I know, but I can't help it. It means that my wealth of knowledge grows and grows each day, but does it justify losing my sanity? I don't know. Oh well, can't be helped, can't be helped.

Christmas soon, and because I am a penniless student, I have had to do my Christmas shopping early. It is nice to see the the Crimbo decorations up along Union Street, but it was slightly disconcerting to see Christmas decorations in shops in September. We hadn't even had Halloween!

I will be able to write more after my exams, but until then, I remain forever Marie Phantom

Holiday Fun
It's funny how one's mind can become disconnected as the holidays crawl by. As I write this, I can feel my IQ creeping downwards towards that of insects, and not in a good way. To start off with, I got home and immediately set about trying to find a job, which has been proved to be a useless endeavour, since I live in the MIDDLE OF BLOODY NOWERE!, I waited for my exam results, I set about trying to write my Watchmen piece and to try and find a flat for next year. Here's what has happened:

1. No job, despite the fact that I have asked around just about everywhere. So my cash income at the moment is about nil.

2. I failed a course. FUCK! So now I have to take an extra course next semester to make up the credits so that I can pass on into Honours year. Which did not please my parents.

3. For some reason, Watchmen has gone on hold. I promise to update when I post some new chapters onto fanfiction, but please be patient. It is taking a while as I wait for my muse to return from wherever they has disappeared to.

4. After nearly driving myself insane, I have finally found a flat. So not all bad then.

Bottom line is, I can't wait to go back to Uni and get on with my life. I miss it there, despite being a country girl at heart. I will update whenever possible, so to all you people out there, may you have long and stress free summers!

The Lamest joke in the world
Picture the scene.

My friend Catherine and I are speaking on Skype, and whilst she is backlit and in full picture, I have one small lamp illuminating my face and torso, thus making my background nothing but blackness.

My friend calls this the Box.

Towards the end of our conversation, she says that she hopes my flatmates trap me in the Box i.e. my bedroom, so that they can meet and swap juicy stories about me.

I respond by saying that I could just jump through the window, out of my bedroom and into the courtyard outside my room. The window is directly in front of me.

My friend says "How can you do that, you are trapped in the Box?"

I say "I could jump through the computer, it has Windows."

Que gales of laughter.

I realise how lame this joke it, but at the time, it was funny.

Never mind that fact that my computer is an Apple Mac.

I have updated.
I have updated Willing to Compromise. It is slow going, but this is going to happen, even if I die doing it. I am home now, so hopefully I will be able to update more frequently. Please be nice, life is not going so well for me. My story doesn't appear on fanfiction for some reason, so I have got NO REVIEWS! To a writer, however mediocre, that is not good.

Anyway, that is my life. Funny how much easier it is to write about my life to total strangers on an internet journal, but I could never keep a diary? Funny that.

Story Update and general stress
 I have FINALLY updated Willing to Compromise and now I can get back to writing and stressing. 

Nearly Easter soon so I get a nice, 3 WEEK LONG break, which, given my delicate state of mind at the current time, is probably a good thing. On the plus side of life, my mother is going to be working soon, so this is going to be a good thing, I think. 

On the University front, I nearly got kicked off one of my courses because I WAS AT HOME! I emailed them and everything, saying that I was going to be missing. Take a hint people. Never mind the fact that I have time off for poor attendance due to illness (sometimes this is just convenient, c'mon, I know it sounds amoral, but who hasn't milked a cold for all it was worth [although I would just like to point out I really am quite ill, and so do actually have an excuse])

Luckily I can catch up on the work, but it was still a bit of a shock to open my email account and see that little joy sitting there waiting for me to read it.

Anyway, story update and a moan. This is marie_phantom, signing out!

Willing To Compromise, a Watchmen fic
 This is the prequel to Try Again, and explains how our favourite characters go to the situation in that fic.

Fic under cutCollapse )

Try Again, a Dan/Laurie/Rorschach fic
 This is my first Watchmen fic ever, so please be kind. I do not accept flames, so if you have any nasty comments, please keep them to yourself.
Fic under cutCollapse )

Tired and over-worked.
University has started again this week and already I am feeling the burn as my money slowly drains away and I watch my time get eaten up by things like lectures and starting from next week, tutorials. Already I am shelving out indecent amounts of money on textbooks and readings for classes, so I don't look like a compete idiot when I attend tutorials.

I am so very stressed.

Luckily I have been able to de-stress today by going out to Waterstones and buying a couple of books with the last of my Christmas money. I am feeling the pinch, so tonight is going to be  a quite night, but I wish that it would always be a quite night. I know this is my first year of University, but already I am thinking of flats and what is going to happen next year. I am running out of room in my pokey little room for my numerous DVDS and books, and I haven't even reached the worst thing about University starting yet.


I am getting withdrawal symptoms such as speaking prospective plot-lines out loud, staying in my room all the time and I can't wait till I go home next week. Hopefully I might be able to churn out something over the weekend, but until then, watch my slow descent into madness.

 First friend and its the WONDERFUL jackiemei! Wohoo! Just had an exam and so am absolutely exhausted. Pity me PITY ME! 
To those not aware this week is exam week at my University and as such I am beating my brains out with textbooks, recordings and all manner of unsavoury things such as Vikings and the like. Friday is my last exam and so I will be sleeping like the proverbial dead until Monday. Wish me luck!

 Hello Livejournal! This is my first time, so please be gentle. I am a student hoping to enhance my world experience and meet some great new people on livejournal. I am in Aberdeen, so please be gentle with the jokes, and I am currently dying from boredom. I am a HUGE Watchmen fan, so please be kind if I post writings on here. 
Marie Phantom.